Friday, May 24, 2013

Got back from vacations and starting to get use to the chair and worktable again.
meanwhile and due to the amount of friend request on facebook I have created a professional page so everyone that likes my work can follow me and spread the word :)

here is the link

and since i don't have nothing to ilustrate this post here is a pic of my vacations :D


Kev said...

That's beautiful man, where is that??

Theresa Hoffmann said...

hahahaha magnificent pic ;)

Filipe said...

amazing phoyo right theresa??ahaha
kev, this was in india and theresa was the photographer lol

O Designer said...

fantástico!! :D

Grande FIlipe, continuas a criar a Captain Marvel?

Grande abraço!

Filipe said...

O Designer sim. em breve faço um post disso ;)