Tuesday, January 29, 2013

C m 1 0

Some pages for the next Captain marvel #10 as a preview.

B&W and respective colors.

Kelly Sue Deconnick on script and color by Jordie Bellaire.
I think overall this might be my best comic ever.
Really happy for this. Hope everyone can read this :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I T S A W R A P C M 1 0

I've just finished the second issue of Captain Marvel #10.
Its never easy mix work during Christmas and new year's holidays but its all done now and i'm pretty happy with the result. 
I really feel the vibe of the story and being in a great team helps a lot.
Another big shut out to Waker, Sana, Kelly and Jordie.

I'm not really following what critics say but it feels good when they totally understand the all point you wanna input to the book.
Even though i know i'm not super mainstream it fells great to see such good critics in most of the forums.
Some of them below:

And here is a teaser for this upcoming issue.