Wednesday, October 3, 2012

N Y C C 0 1 2

Happy to announce that i'll be attending this New York Comic Con 2012.
i'll be sharing D18 booth with my good friend João Lemos.
So..hope to see you there. don't be afraid to get closer so we can chat a litle bit :)

I've been working silently on two marvel issues. just recently finished Dadpool #63 and gfetting my hands down on Ultimate Comics X-men #18.1.

here is a litle teaser for you.


Devasation said...

I am SO excited! I'd love to come speak with you, your artwork is inspirational!

Filipe said...

thks man!pass by so we can chat a bit :)

Josh said...

Loved your sketch of my kids as X-Men and Avengers. Kids are still talking about it. It was great meeting you.

Good luck with everything

Filipe said...

hi josh!was really nice to meet you guys., thks for the oportunity ta make one oif my fav comissions ever :)