Saturday, September 17, 2011


I allways belived that each story gotta have its own mood and its own way to be drawn. During the last 2 years (mainly) i've created so many pages for personal stuff, marvel and other diferent projects, for each one i tried diferent approaches, sometimes for external reasons such as deadlines.

Since i'm collecting a bunch of images for my artbook i decided to illustrate what i've said above with some panels of pages i've done meanwhile.

This will be the my biggest post ever!!hehe


Philip said...

Hi Filipe, my name is Philip. I just picked up the first issue of John Carter and I must say it is one of the most beautiful comics I've seen. The style is so vibrant and original. I must say I picked it up for the cover by Skottie Young, but when I saw the inside art I was blown away. Same with seeing all your pieces in your blog. Magnificent work, hope to see more from you.

Philip Piaget

rory said...

really like your style. I will be picking up Jon Carter series!

Canilho said...

Muito boas imagens Filipe, como sempre!

Já aqui comentei uma vez o teu trabalho e simplesmente sou fã... Gostei bastante das imagens em negativo mais para o fim do post, mas o que realmente me fascina é as perspectivas utilizadas em sketchs como o do iron man e o da ponte do spiderman... muito bom mesmo, excelente traço!

Filipe said...

thks guys,
philip hope u like the further issues :)
rory, hope u like john carter, really nice colors,
curioso gostares dos angulos de algumas das imagens mais antigas que postei, espero que gostes do jonh carter tbm :), o obrigaado.