Thursday, June 9, 2011


Hello there!Today I'm posting this ilustration i did for fistfull of fanart.

Here are the first ideas. I was planning to do Dr.Doom walking in the snow with a catle on the background. But then John carter cover turned into a reality and I had no much time to do it.

So i choose a litle idea i had and developed that. Its not a crazy idea or something but I really like characters standing in front position with a ligth source coming from the top or from the bottom. Did this fast brush thing.

And here is the final draw, painted.

I did Dr. Doom totally traditional way, no computer and I'm kinda happy with the result.
hope you like it too :)


Mike Sudduth said...

Wow, this is awesome. I love how you handled the brush strokes.

Claudia said...

Que bonito. lol

Filipe said...

thks mike i really like to work traditional way. claudia, que

Stuntman said...

O arte-finalista que lhe sugeri há uns post atrás ( DANIEL HENRIQUES ) é agora seu 'colega' na Marvel.

Através da Crime Lab Studios passou a ser o arte-finalista da série Venom.

Ainda se vão cruzar ;-)

Craig Harris said...

Hey man, just discovered your work in Onslaught Unleashed. I don't pick up comics unless the art is great and they look really fun The first three of these delivered and then some.

Really enjoy your work and can't wait to see more books from you!!


Filipe said...

thks craig!glad u liked it!just checked your work!really impressive! :) loves the surf scenes.
i'll be at SAnDiegoComiCon. if u go there please stop by to have a chat! :)