Tuesday, May 17, 2011


No I'm not dead!I know that I havent give that much news for a bit but i'm alive.
In the last month I've finished the last part of Onslaugth Unleashed. WAs really tough, really great and I'm really happy of all the 88 pages I've done ricardo Tercio have coloured.

Since then i'm basically taking some vacations. Recently I´ve done a road trip with a friend of mine over northeastern europe and now i'm back on track.

I'm almost closing some new deals (and even bigger ones!!! :D) and I hope to reveal them soon.
For now i'm bringing to you an ilustration of the character that my friend Bartozs and I have created for Lodz City Stories last year.

hope you guys like it :)


Ferdinand C said...

I do like it. Keep them comming.


Filipe said...

thks ferdinand.fresh news soon :)

Howard Shum said...

Nice piece!

Filipe said...

thks howard! :)