Thursday, January 13, 2011

comic preview

Here is the cover with better resulotion and without the logo of the game.

here are some preview pages of the 22 pages comic book.

sript was done by Filipe Pina, pencils by me and colors by Pedro Pyteo. 100% portuguese team :)


Oskar Iglesias said...

Muy buena pinta!!!

Ana C. Nunes said...

Ansiosa para que saia no mercado. Adorei as amostras.

P. A. said...

FUCKIN AWSOME DUDE!!! Gosto de tudo, menos das falas HAHAHAH É que já ninguem fala assim... HAHAHAHA

Filipe said...

hehe pois é PA, agr é só crioooolhu.

thks guys. :)

Stuntman said...

Damn good...faz-me lembrar o início do Battle Chasers...VioLência colorida...HURRAY! Não tenho consola, mas era fixe que fosse possível arranjar o comic à parte.

Stuntman said...

A balonagem é que podia ser melhor...falem com a Kingpin Books para fazer o resto, eles são mucho buenos.

Lettering is art too!!! ^_^

Kenshin said...

That is officially awesome!!! I see you will be at WWMiami , will you be sketching and if so How much do you charge?? keep up the great work

Filipe said...

hey kenshin, yes i'll be at miami con. :)
see u there. i will have the prices over the table ;)